My Ministry

Having been raised by fundamentalist Christian parents, I spent several years in outright rebellion against organized religion. This “ministry” was an ironic step for me to take in many ways. For that matter I spent many years rebelling against many mainstream institutions, including marriage which made this ordination even more unusual to those who knew me. I had a few Unitarian friends from High School who didn’t dislike church, but none of them would could have convinced me to attend a seminary or pursue membership in any religious organization.

When I decided to become legally ordained in 1995, I did so in order to gain legal recognition for my work and the causes I believe in: personal self-expression, charitable education / giving and environmental sustainability.

Without committing to any specific spiritual path, I respect and incorporate many spiritual traditions borne of love (golden rule, mutual aid, karmic investment) and not of hatred or violence (human/animal sacrifice, capital punishment, ethnic “cleansing” etc.).

Spread love like dandelions

Spread love like dandelions

Conversely, I would not intentionally disrespect another persons’ spiritual path, although occasional cultural mistakes have happened.

Due to my upbringing, I am very familiar with Judeo-Christian traditions and through research and through practice and participation I have come to love specific aspects of Buddhism, Wicca and other traditions. I am loyal only to the concept of love, its theory and practical applications.

3 Responses to “My Ministry”

  1. hey…i wanted to ask you for more info on the collaring ceremonies..ive heard of them of course and have an IDEA what it is..but what is it really, the true meaning, what takes place,,and how do i go about being officially collared by my Owner?

    • Like wedding ceremonies, collaring ceremonies vary depending upon the participants. Your owner may control that process or may collaborate with you and/or with an officiant to determine rituals, symbolism and vows that ate meaningful to Y/your relationship.

    • Check out and to find other folks, but google “collaring ceremony” and you will find a host of beautiful ceremonies to inspire you!

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