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Kali Morgan, Dominatrix, Proprietrix Visits Bryn Mawr
By Nicole Foulke

“Because you don’t know people, you really have to just feel them out,” shrugs Kali Morgan, at ease in a black spandex catsuit and strappy, leather waist cincher. (Morgan is a vegetarian – but it’s not like she eats the corsets.)

A gleeful titter rippled through the classroom in Bryn Mawr’s Taylor Hall last Wednesday, in which over 30 students had packed themselves to hear professional dominatrix Kali Morgan explain her (former) trade. The workshop was sponsored by the Bryn Mawr Women’s Center and organized by sophomores Sarah Dick and Lisa Stockwicz.

The authoritative, nurse-like Morgan is currently the “proprietrix” of Philadelphia’s Fetishes Boutique, which specializes in clothing, toys and videos to promote more variation in the boudoir. Already an established dancer and dominatrix, a “guide to your sexual fantasies,” she decided to open the boutique because she found that she could not find the tools she needed to be as effective as she could be, in both professional and personal relationships.

Read the rest of this original article from April of 2000.

Power Coupling – an interview about the “Intimate Exchanges” workshop was featured in the Philadelphia City Paper in February 2001

Kali's original and most popular class was first featured in City Paper in 2001

Play Doctor previewed in City Paper May 2007

Learn to assess, test, diagnose and treat that sexual ache that comes time to time - May 2007

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