Sexuality Education Offerings


Guiding couples into the mindset and practice of loving dominance and submission

Intimate Exchanges: Have you or your partner fantasized about dominance and submission but never quite understood the how’s and why’s? Using writing exercises, guided visualization, and other techniques everyone in this class will experience what it is like to become the submissive adorer or dominant caretaker of their partner to enhance sexual play. “Hands on” practice of techniques such as silk scarf bondage, low-temperature candle play and more will give you skills you can use at home! This class was featured in Philly’s City Paper in February 2001

It’s a cinch! Real corsets are fun and functional. Not only do they provide great back support, they create and elegant body-sculpting fashion aesthetic that is appropriate for business, formal and intimate occasions. Learn the basic care and feeding, lacing techniques and style possibilities in this interactive workshop where students will each take turns lacing themselves and each other into a variety of corsets designed for men and women: fashion, fantasy and fetish.

Dress for Sexcess:  Originally created as a couples’ workshop, Dress for Sexcess explores ways to use clothing and accessories for “naughtier than naked” sex play. Visualize and brainstorm fantasy fashion scenarios to keep you hot during work, lunch/ dinner dates or in the bedroom! Try on and model fantasy fashions including jocks, panties, bras, pasties, thongs, non-piercing body jewelry, garters and stockings, etc, as well as participate in fun interactive activities. Students are encouraged to wear clean brief or thong style underwear beneath their street clothing to allow for maximum class participation.

Light My Fire. Fire things up in the bedroom and in life with a few safety tips and that will ignite ecstatic sensations in you or your parter. Flame has the power to mesmerize and sensitize and will add drama and excitement to any erotic play. In this workshop, you will learn how to gauge and perform a fire massage control  flame, how to set yourself and your partner on fire without undue risk, how to build fire wands, and more.

Undress for Sexcess: Is a workshop about exotic dancing for fun and profit. Two experienced exotic dancers (1 female, 1 male) on how to turn people on by taking off your clothes. Skills covered will be hot moves, floor shows, flirting for attention. Tips on how to go pro or keep it personal.

Play Doctor: Feeling lovesick? Concerned about your health or the health of your partner? Examine ‘your parter’s external and internal anatomy, learn to measure heart rate and blood pressure, use medical andaging and restraint to keep your partner in position while you conduct erotic experiments.

Hotter Safer Fun: An interactive workshop on how to enjoy hot action through barrier. Learn to give and get safe oral, vaginal, and anal stimulation using a variety of barriermethods. Live demo/ practice session includes skills such as oral condom application, female condoms, sex dams, and latex panty pleasure. Supplies available for sale during class.

Harness the Power: A strap-on sex workshop for those who want to play with a reliable, ever-ready tool. Introduce partners to the joys of an assortment of dildos.. learn to improvies and adapt for double penetration , mutual penetration and unique positioning get familiar with harnesses and toys created especially for lip service, thigh humping and more!

Good Vibes: An introduction to the history and experience of vibrating toys for women and for men. See and try Kali’s personal collection of  antique massagers, learn how and why vibrators work and how to give and get orgasms using basic plug in massagers, vibrating cock rings that both partners can enjoy, vibrating dils and plugs, remote controlled vibrating toys and more!

Erotic Anal Play
Lean the ins and outs of exploring an erogenous superhighway of pleasure- starting at your own back door! Regardless of your body or gender, Uranus is the center of a whole universe of sensation! Learn to navigate this mysterious gateway to orgasmic delight including massage, penetration and other winning exploratory methods

Needlplay 101. Curious about play piercing? Kali guides needlephiles and even needlephobes through the  nearly bloodless basics of “surface to surface” piercing for sensation. Practicing on fruit and learning the safety precautions associated with blood borne pathogens, even the squeamish will practice the techniques and learn the muscle memory skills associated with play piercing.

Needleplay 102 moves beyond the basics with decorative ideas and intense sensation games you can incorporate into or combine with basic needleplay.

The Art of  Burlesque: A workshop that explores the traditional “Moulin Rouge” style of stripping down to the underwear using costumes, crazy wigs, puppets, props and more. Discover your favorite classic burlesque persona or invent your own unique personae. Class ends with a “talent show” featuring all students. Pasties and props will be available for sale.

Stand to Pee
Stand to Pee!
Sex Toy Cleansing & Swap
Morning masturbation meditation

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